5 Ways to Survive the Summer with a Fringe

5 Ways to Survive the Summer with a Fringe

Posted by Fringe Hair Salon in News 23 Jun 2015

Today we’re giving you a list of 5 Ways to Survive the Summer with A Fringe: if you have them or are thinking of trying them, one thing to consider is what to do with them during the summer. The fact is, a fringe can be stylistically life altering, it frames your face and shows that you’re committed to style. But during a hot summer they can be a challenge, they curl up, stick to your forehead, make you hot. Here are our favourite tips and tricks for styling your fringe on a hot summer day:

  1. Side Sweep: Create a side part and while drying push your fringe to the side.
  2. Braid Away: Brush up on your braiding skills and practice braiding your fringe away from your face, this also works great for guys!
  3. Wrap Up: Perhaps the easiest solution, start with a chic scarf, fold it, and use it as a head band.
  4. Pin it: Use the magic of bobby pins to keep your fringe off your forehead. Experiment by twisting your fringe to different sides or straight back.
  5. Get Slick: Try the wet look this summer, put your hair in a pony tail and slick your fringe straight back. We’ve even started carrying a new line from L’Oreal Professional called “Wet Domination” which will help you achieve the look.

If you need help achieving any of these looks please feel free to drop by Fringe Salon for a quick consultation. Our talented stylists would be happy to give yo a few pointers, tips and tricks to help you survive the summer with a fringe.

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